Pasta, Potato & Rice


Pasta AlfredoCavatelli

Fluffy pillows of dough served with a hearty marinara sauce

Penne Marinara

Short, angle-cut pasta served with hearty marinara sauce


Penne pasta mixed with a basil, garlic olive oil sauce


Pasta topped with marinara sauce and mixed with roasted red peppers, basil, and fresh mushrooms


Small rigatoni served with a hearty meat sauce


Penne pasta tossed with parmesan cream sauce with a hint of garlic


Thick, oven-baked lasagna layered with ground meat and ricotta

Linguini with Cream Sauce*

Served with scallops, clams or seasonal vegetables

All sauces can be modified.
Sauce options include:
Traditional red or white, garlic & oil, blush, tomato basil sauce, spinach cream sauce

Potato & Rice

Rosemary Parmesan Roasted Red-Skinned PotatoesRosemary Parmesan Red Skin Potatoes

Halved red skin potatoes tossed in a house made rosemary parmesan coating and oven roasted to perfection

Seasoned Red Skin Potatoes

Halved potatoes oven browned in a light herb sauce

Au Gratin Potatoes

Sliced potatoes baked in sour cream and butter, and topped with cheddar cheese

Scalloped Potatoes

Sliced potatoes baked in a cream sauce and topped with Romano cheese

Smashed Garlic Red Skinned Potatoes

Seasoned red skinned potatoes mashed with crushed garlic, milk, and sour cream

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Seasoned farm-fresh Idaho potatoes mixed with sour cream and butter

Oven-Browned Potatoes

Seasoned farm-fresh Idaho potatoes and browned to perfection

Potatoes O’Brien

White new potatoes broiled in a parsley butter sauce finished off with sauteed onions and peppers

Parsley Buttered Potatoes

White potatoes broiled in a parsley butter sauce

Rice Pilaf

Long-grained white rice seasoned with fresh thyme, chicken stock and finished
off with peas and carrots


Creamy short-grained rice mixed with roasted peppers, parsley, mushrooms
and onions, topped with grated parmesan cheese

Garlic Piped Potatoes*

Creamy mashed potatoes mixed with garlic and butter, piped, and baked until golden brown

*Available at an additional cost

 Pasta, Potato & Rice Menu (pdf)