Same Sex Wedding Trends

We want to celebrate same sex weddings! There are so many wonderful trends and ideas in 2021 that will help make your upcoming event unique and memorable. Here are some ideas to inspire:

One of the biggest trends right now for same sex weddings is to skip having a bridal party altogether. This offers

Inspirational Summer Wedding Cakes

Check out these inspirational wedding cake ideas for your summer wedding:
Tropical Wedding Cake! Try this inspirational white wedding cake decorated with green monstera leaves and orchid flowers.

Woodland Theme cake: Wonderful cakes such as this one from Pinterest lend an air of magic.

Colorful Cakes: Why have a traditional white

Summer Weddings 2021

Summer is almost upon us and that means June brides, outdoor celebrations and weddings filled with romantic touches! Here are some summer wedding trends for 2021:
Color!–Instead of the focal point being trditional white for weddings, this year color is the focal point. Where can color be added to a wedding? Tablescapes, bridesmaid dresses, accents

DeMolay Legion of Honor Investiture

DeMolay Legion of Honor Investiture and held its Annual Observance at the Patrician in March. According to their website, The Legion of Honor focuses on “actively demonstrating outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor, whether it be a civic, professional, fraternal or spiritual arena.”

Bridal Shower Favor Trends for 2021

Here are some bridal favor shower tends for 2021:
Unique wine stoppers and glasses–Nothing is as beautiful as a decorative wine glass for wine stopper to take home to commemorate an important event. Pick a unique artisan wine glass, stopper or charm for your guests to take home.

Spa or Self Care Kits–Make a