Most Romantic Places to Propose in Cleveland

If you were thinking of proposing this holiday season why not do it in the most romantic place possible. Here are some ideas around the Cleveland area of romantic places to propose:

Cascade Falls Park in Elyria is a wonderful hidden gem in Lorain County! This park boasts two waterfalls and 145 acres to

Cultivating Inner Peace During the Holiday Season

During this time of year we all find ourselves with fuller schedules than normal. We attend holiday parties, family gatherings, work-related events, plays, concerts etc. . How do we maintain peace in such a busy time of year? Here are a few tips to help during this busy time:
Take time to yourself when

Writing Sympathy Thank You Notes

When friends and family help us through the loss of a loved one, a good thank you note is essential. But how do we go about t is time to reflect on the wonderful memories and kind gestures that others have shared with us. There is no better way to show gratitude than with

Thanksgiving Blessings

We all have so much to be thankful for this year–the beautiful fall foliage, our loved ones being safe and healthy, being able to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday this year!
Thanksgiving is not just a U.S. or European holiday. It originated as a harvest festival and is celebrated in countries around the

Support Our Seniors Fundraiser Tomorrow!

Support Our Seniors Levy Committee, a grassroots advocacy group out of Painsville, Ohio, will hold a fundraiser to support this important cause tomorrow October 28, 2021 at 4 pm at the Patrician.
Tickets are on sale for the Support Our Seniors Halloween Bash on October 28! You can get your ticket at