Same Sex Wedding Trends

We want to celebrate same sex weddings! There are so many wonderful trends and ideas in 2021 that will help make your upcoming event unique and memorable. Here are some ideas to inspire:

One of the biggest trends right now for same sex weddings is to skip having a bridal party altogether. This offers a more couple-focused intimate ceremony. Less than half of same sex couples opt for a wedding party (

Unique photography is another way to celebrate memories. Capturing memories from a different angle or in a creative setting can be a wonderful way to look back on your special day.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers like this one from Etsy add a unique and memorable flair to the all important wedding cake. There are many vendors on sites like Etsy that offer a wide variety  of options to really personalize your choice.

The After-party! Why just have a reception when you can have an afterparty too? According to and The Advocate, nineteen percent of same-sex couples favor an after-party. The reason for this stems from many couples choosing destination weddings.

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