Summer Weddings 2021

Summer is almost upon us and that means June brides, outdoor celebrations and weddings filled with romantic touches! Here are some summer wedding trends for 2021:

Color!–Instead of the focal point being trditional white for weddings, this year color is the focal point. Where can color be added to a wedding? Tablescapes, bridesmaid dresses, accents and decorations–the options are endless!

Outdoor Weddings–2020 changed many things especially the way we celebrate at gatherings. This year outdoor weddings will become more popular than ever.

Humor and Spontanaety–After all we have been through this past year, aren’t we entitled to some humor and fun? Let it show up in our celebrations!

With all of the changes we have experienced in the last year and all that we have missed there is one thing that is certain–this summer’s weddings will be celebrations like no other and we will build memories to last a lifetime!

We hope some of these ideas inspire your own wedding plans and give you some new ideas for your celebrations. Happy Summer!

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