Writing the Perfect Holiday Thank You

Now that all the holiday festivities have passed, it is time to reflect on the wonderful memories and kind gestures that others have shared with us. There is no better way to show gratitude than with a sincere thank you note. Where should you begin? Here are some tips for writing wonderful thank you notes:

  1. Don’t email your thank you notes–Even though we are a digital society in so many ways, this is not an occasion when you want to use a digital platform. Nothing shows care and appreciation as much as a handwritten thank you.
  2. Choose your notecards carefully–Here is where you can make a real statement or add your personality. Pick a fun pattern or something with a theme that relates to your event.
  3. Use photographs from your event to create a personalized note–Many photo departments and picture devloper websites offer cards that can be created with a special message and photo.
  4. Mention special details that meant a lot about the event or a gift your recieved. It will make your note more personal and meaningful to its recipient.
  5. Write your thank you notes as soon as possible after the event. Princess Diana used to write her thank you notes the next day after the event or after she recieved a gift. That is a lofty goal, but trying to write a note as soon as you are able will make a difference.
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