Congratulations to Ruth and Carl Stoudemire on 50 Years of Marriage!



Ruth and Carl Stoudemire will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary here at the Patrician Party Center on Saturday, May 18th! Ruth and Carl are originally from Alabama. They were introduced through their families in 1968 when Ruth was 20 and Carl, 25, had just returned from serving in the Vietnam War. After dating for a year, Ruth and Carl married in 1969 and settled here in Cleveland where Carl worked as a postal carrier. Their three children Lakeisha, Karla and Kimberly recall that growing up in the Stoudemire home was wonderful because of how their parents always made everyone feel so welcome and loved.

We here at Patrician wish the Stoudemires many more years of happiness and are very honored to be a part of celebrating such a wonderful milestone!


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