5 Spring Celebration Ideas

One thing that happens this time of year is that Cleveland grey sets in and makes us long for color and spring! If you are lucky enough to have a big event to plan for this spring then here are some ideas for you to make it extra special and filled with the happiness of spring!

Yellow–This color was a big trend last season and is still going strong! Adding touches of yellow to your tables or decor can really add the punch of accent color you might be looking for. If you are really feeling bold, use it as the main color. 

Succulents–the variety of shapes and colors will add interest to any table setting or display table–also, they make a great inexpensive take home for guests!

Baubles–Many craft stores carry containers of pearls, gems or colored crystals that look terrific in clear containers as vase filler or strewn around an arrangement.

Geodes and Drusy–When used as a centerpiece or inside of an arrangement  these make a colorful, unique and earthy statement!

Dahlias!–It has been said that this will be the most popular flower for weddings in 2019 and we can see why! Look at the color range below.

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